Youth Art Exhibition

We invite area students in grades 6-12 to participate in our annual Dia de los Muertos Youth Art Exhibition.

Teachers: We accept class projects!

Important Dates:

Artwork due at K Space Contemporary: Saturday, October 15th 

Exhibition Dates: October 21st - November 18th

Pick-Up Dates: October 19th and 20th

Submitting Works:

Follow these instructions when submitting works:

  1. Complete the online "Submission" form below

  2. Download the "Label  for Artwork"

  3. Fill out, Print, and attach label form to the back of the artwork. 

  • All entries  must be student's original artwork created within the last year and not exhibited in a previous DDLM Youth Art Exhibition

  • One entry allowed per student (No fee to enter)

  • accepting all 2D and 3D Media 

  • Entries must be no larger than 20" in either direction.

  • K Space reserves the right to reject any work of art for any reason such as work that does not follow the theme, arrives damaged, or is otherwise inappropriate.

  • Works of art can be for sale. KSC will retain 10% of the sale to offset processing fees and students will receive 90% of the sale price. If you wish to not sell your piece put "NFS" in the price section of the submission form.

Youth Art Submission

Agreement/Waiver: (Parent/Teacher must initial to acknowledge agreement.) I, as representative of above named student/child under 18 years of age, do hereby agree to waive any right or claim against K Space Contemporary, their successors or assigns, and release and/or hold harmless said parties from any claims, actions, causes of actions, damages and/or cost (active, constructive or implied) that may now arise, or shall arise in the future out of an art showing of the work submitted for this exhibition, which I do own, and which is to be exhibited. Such waiver and/or release includes but is not necessarily limited to fire, theft, negligence on the part of said parties, individually or collectively, and that of others and the moving, transporting and storage of said property. We grant to K Space Contemporary permission to reproduce the artwork(s) with regard to the Dia de los Muertos Festival and exhibition webpage/online gallery and related publicity and press releases. We also understand that if the Work of art is not picked up from K Space Contemporary within 30 days of the final pick up date, the work will be considered “abandoned” and become the property of K Space Contemporary.

My child's name may appear with his/her artwork in online exhibition and slideshow

Select an option

Thank you for Submitting!

Don't forget to print out the "Label for Artwork", fill it out, and attach it to the back of your piece before bringing it into the gallery.