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Vendor Expectations

1. EXHIBIT SPACES are on the street or sidewalk. Single Spaces are 10’x10’ or 12’x 8′, Double Spaces are 10’x20’ or 8’x 24’.


2. BRING YOUR OWN: tables, chairs, display equipment, battery-operated lighting, tent / tent weights, and change. Staking into the pavement is not permitted.

3. BEHAVIOR: Be respectful to festival volunteers, organizers, and other vendors. Organizers and Volunteers are here to help and want you to have a good experience. Vendors who are disrespectful to volunteers, organizers, or other vendors will not be invited back to the Dia de los Muertos Festival.


4. The ARTIST/CRAFTER, who made the works being sold in the booth, must be present throughout the festival excepting short breaks.


5. LIGHT: Bring your own battery-operated lights for your booth. Street lighting is provided by tower lights. Vendors are NOT allowed to plug into tower lights; the tower lights will go out, then, no one has light. Fire-based lighting (candles, gas lanterns) and loud, noisy generators are not permitted.


6. FESTIVAL CANCELATION: If the festival is canceled, postponed or partially impaired, no refunds will be issued, nor shall K Space Contemporary, Axis Tattoo or the Dia de los Muertos Festival be held liable. There is no rain date scheduled at this time.


7. LOCATION: Booth location is assigned and determined by organizers according to the items you are selling. When possible, returning artists are placed in the same area as the previous year.


8. SET UP TIME: 10am to 2pm. Event begins at 3pm. Details and schedule for setup are posted on this website and emailed to vendors 2 weeks before the event. Vendors are scheduled at specific times so they can unload near their space. Please be on time to ensure a smooth setup.


9. COVID19 SAFETY: We recommend that all vendors practice social distancing, wear masks, and keep hand sanitizer available for themselves and customers’ use.


10. BOOTH BREAKDOWN may begin at 11:00 pm. However, vehicles are not permitted to drive into the festival area until streets are cleared after midnight.


11. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF! Do not leave anything behind: tables, chairs, boxes, food, bottles, trash, etc. Leave your space as clean or cleaner than you found it.


12. PARKING: Vendors may park in the Mesquite St. Parking Garage inside festival grounds for a fee.

To park here, you must be within festival grounds according to the Set UP Schedule by 2 pm.  The garage is closed during the festival hours 3 pm until midnight. 

13. BREAKING RULES: Vendors who violate or ignore the above rules will not be invited back to the Corpus Christi Dia de los Muertos Festival.


14. SPREAD THE WORD! We encourage participating artists to invite their patrons and customers and share event social media posts.


15. COSTUME! Everyone is encouraged to dress up in the spirit of Dia de los Muertos! Have Fun!


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