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Arts & Crafts Expo

2024 APPLICATION OPEN JUNE 1 - SEPT. 10, 2024 




The Hecho-A-Mano/Made-by-Hand Arts & Crafts Expo is one of the highlights of the Corpus Christi Dia de los Muertos Festival. Participating as a vendor puts your small business in front of an estimated 20,000+ festival attendees. The Expo is juried, which means that a committee reviews each application and selects vendors from those submitted. Vendors are required to re-apply each year.


We review vendors to ensure that our Arts and Crafts Expo is high in quality and originality, has a variety of arts and crafts products, and that vendor products conform to our Made-by-Hand guidelines.


Apply here if you are selling PRE-PACKAGED FOOD ITEMS like candy, baked goods, candied apples, jerky, etc. Food products must meet all qualifications required by the Health Department. Vendors selling food items are checked on-site.



If you will be cooking onsite, DO NOT APPLY HERE. Please Contact Belinda Edwards at (361)947-6895 to apply to be a food vendor.

BUSINESSES AND CORPORATIONS who do not sell made-by-hand items and want a booth at the festival must purchase a Business Sponsorship ($1000+). Space is limited.

Please review the Expectations and Guidelines below before you apply:

Key Application Dates:

September 10: Vendor Application Deadline 

September 20: Notice of Approval or Denial sent via email

October 1: Deadline to Pay Booth Fee

October 14th, 10 am: Vendor Meeting at K Space Contemporary

October 28, 3 pm to midnight: Dia de los Muertos Festival



  • FINE ART: sculpture, ceramics, paintings, drawing, mixed media, collage, printmaking (limited editions), photography, etc.

  • CRAFTS: jewelry, sewing, knitting, hand-embellished items (like re-decorated bottles, glasses, boxes, hats, canvas totes, shoes, ornaments, etc.), masks, hair bows/barretts/headbands, floral halos, tutu’s, tile/mosaics, woodworking, candles, skin-care products, etc.

2. FACE PAINTING – If you are face painting AND selling crafts, select “Face Painting” as your category.

3. PACKAGED FOOD ITEMS - examples: candies, cake-pops, caramel apples, popcorn balls, canned items, jerky, etc. All food items must meet Health Department regulations and pass Health Department check on-site. (FMI - Nueces Co. Health Department (361) 826-7200.)  Food Trucks – Do not apply here. We do not accept ingestible CDB / cannabinoid products.

4.  ACTIVITY - games and other types of activities for a fee.

5. DIA FEST PARTNER:  Partners are Sponsors, School or College-affiliated group/clubs, unpaid festival performers, or organizations/non-profits that provide a free Kids Corner Activity. We exchange a booth space for your service at the event. Partners are not required to pay application or booth fees, because they provide a service for the event. Partners must be invited to participate. Select this category only if you are invited/pre-approved by DDLM Fest Organizers.


Application Fee $10: Submit upon application


Booth Fee: Upon Approval (Notice of approval/denial emailed Sept. 20)

Booth fees due October 1st

$ 125 Single Booth 10’x10’/8’x12’

$ 250 Double Booth 10’x20’/8’x24’


LATE FEES – paid after Oct. 1 deadline, Booth Fees double

$ 250 Single Booth 10’x10’/8’x12’

$ 500 Double Booth 10’x20’/8’x24’

Tips for Completing Your Online Application Form:

Photo Tips:

  • Show only 1-2 best examples of items that you make multiples of.

  • Use plain, one-color backgrounds free of clutter

  • Use good lighting – point a lamp at your items

  • Submit clear, sharp images Include no more than 6 different items in one photo.

  • Photos of piles of prints or lots of jewelry on stands do not show items clearly.

  • Do not submit photo collages.

  • Photo Size: For best results, submit photos no smaller than 1000 pixels on the longest side with file resolution at 72 dpi. The maximum file size is 5 MB. (Resize photos in Preview or use Adobe’s Free Image Resizer.)

What You Need to Apply:
  • 1 photo of your booth set up

  • 2 photos of works in progress

  • 3-22 photos of your arts and crafts (up to 25 images total.) All products must conform to Hecho-A-Mano Guidelines.

  • State of Texas Sales Tax and Use Permit. Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax (8.25 %) to Texas State Comptroller. Your permit number is requested in the application and must be displayed in your booth. Services like hair styling and face painting do not require a Sales Tax permit, so please in the blank with “NONE”.  If unsure, contact Texas State Comptroller.

  • Description of work. (260 characters): List products that you plan to sell in your booth

  • Statement Specific to Entry (480 characters): Describe how you create your arts & crafts from design to completion.

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