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Vendor Set-Up Information

Booth Assignments and updated  Set-Up Information will be posted Oct. 11th.  The SetUp Instructions are similar each year. Vendors are assigned a specific time to unload and set up their booth space according to their Booth Numbers. 


Review Unloading & Set-Up Schedule - Below is basic Set-Up info. 2024 Booth Assignments, Map, and SetUp Schedule,  will be posted on this page Oct. 11th.


*It is important that you arrive on time to ensure a smooth set-up.


Social Media: Tag us on Instagram @diadelosmuertocc or Facebook @dayofthedeadcc, so we can share your posts. The event hashtag is #diadelosmuertoscc.  


If you have any questions after reading through the Unloading & SetUp Instructions, email or call us at 361-887-6834 or


Contacts: Michelle Smythe, Director, K Space Contemporary, DDLM Fest Organizer

Andrea Valenti, K Space Board Business Chair and Vendor Committee

Vilma Mosier, K Space Board Member and Vendor Committee


Thank you all for participating in the Corpus Christi Dia de los Muertos Festival!



WHERE: The Dia de los Muertos (DDLM) Street Festival is located on the 400-500 blocks of Starr, 300-500 blocks of Peoples, 500-700 blocks of Mesquite, 600-700 blocks of Chaparral, and 400 block of Taylor. These streets are closed to regular traffic at 5 am on festival day. 

BOOTH SPACES ARE ASSIGNED:  Check the file titled “VENDOR BOOTH ASSIGNMENTS” to find your booth number in the yellow column. Then, find your booth number, set-up time and entry location on the page titled “Unloading & Set-Up Schedule”.  (Both documents to be posted Oct. 11, 2024) 

ARRIVING AT FESTIVAL SITE:  It is very important that you arrive on time!!! Arts Expo Vendors will enter festival grounds at Schatzel and Lower Broadway, then turn right at Starr St. The Vendor Committee will greet you at Starr and Lower Broadway, so you can check in as you arrive. They will show you your booth location on the map, give you a booth label and info packet.


DRIVE ONLY IN THE AREAS INDICATED WITH ARROWS ON THE MAP. In most cases, you will be able to unload at your booth location. While you unload, park on the right side of the street, no matter what side your booth is on. Leave the left lane open for other cars to pass.  Unload your things, go park your car, then return to set up your booth. Getting your car out of the way quickly will prevent traffic jams.


BE KIND: The people guarding the streets are volunteers. Setting up this event is a process; expect delays and be flexible. Vendors who are disrespectful to volunteers & festival organizers will not be invited back. We are here to help and want you to have a good experience.

UNLOAD your things in your booth space. Booth spaces will be numbered in marking paint/chalk with the corners marked. You have 15-20 minutes to unload your car. Bring your own tables, chairs, and display equipment. If you must leave and come back later, bring a blanket or tarp to cover your things. It is best to stay or leave a trusted person to watch your booth items. The Dia de los Muertos Festival, K Space Contemporary and Axis Tattoo are not responsible for unattended items.


VENDOR CHECK-IN will be at Starr and Lower Broadway as you arrive onto the Festival site. Each booth receives a booth ID label that identifies you as an official Vendor or Sponsor. Your Booth ID Label must be visible on your booth throughout the festival.

VENDOR PARKING: Vendors may park in the Mesquite St. Parking Garage on festival grounds for $10. To park in the garage, leave your booth area following the flow of traffic – do not turn around and go the opposite direction. Return to the entry point at Mesquite and proceed to the garage. See Map.   

Important: If you park in the garage, you cannot come and go or leave the festival early. Your car must remain parked in the garage until the festival has ended and the streets are clear (around 12:30 am).  Remove your car immediately after the festival. Please do not leave trash in the garage. If it is left unclean, we will not be allowed to use it in the future.

LATE ARRIVALS:  Vendors who arrive after 2:00 pm will not be allowed to drive into the festival zone or park in the Mesquite St. Garage.

BREAKDOWN:  The last bands wrap up at midnight. All Vendors must remain set up until 11pm.  Vehicles are not allowed to drive through the festival zone until the streets have cleared. Please park on the right side of the street while you load, leaving the left lane open for traffic flow. Do Not Block others in as you load your car.

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