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2024 Art Exhibition - Call for Artists

Alebrijes (pronounced: ah-leh-bree-hez) are whimsical carvings painted with intense colors and intricate patterns depicting animals and fantastical creatures. The first alebrijes originated in Mexico City, originally created by 'cartonero' artist Pedro Linares. In 1943. Linares fell ill and hallucinated “a donkey with butterfly wings, a rooster with bull  horns, and a lion with an eagle head,” and they were shouting a nonsensical word "Alebrijes! Alebrijes! Alebrijes!" Upon recovery, Linares began recreating papier mache’ versions of the creatures from his dreams. As his creations gained popularity, artisans began carving small versions of these fantastical creatures out of wood. Alebrijes have since come to represent the beauty, mystery, and magic of Mexico.

We invite artists ages 18+ to create alebrijes of their own creation in either two-dimensional or three-dimensional form. The exhibition will be displayed at K Space Contemporary Oct. 12 – Nov. 8, 2024. To register your participation, please complete the form below. (This form collects contact information, label information and payment preference.)


  • Oct. 5 - Works Due

  • Oct. 12 - Nov. 8: Exhibition Dates

  • Oct. 26: Dia de los Muertos Festival, 3 pm to midnight 

  • Nov. 1: ArtWalk Reception, 6 to 10 pm

  • Nov. 9-10: Pick Up Works (Saturday 11am to 5 pm, Sunday 12 to 4 pm)​


  • Open to All – must be (or become) a member of K Space Contemporary. Artist memberships $35, Students & Seniors $20. Join Online Here.

  • Number of works: Each artist may submit 1 - 2 works of art.

  • Deadline October 5: Works must be delivered to K Space Contemporary. Gallery Hours: Wed. - Sat. 11am to 5 pm, Sun. 12 to 4 pm.

  • Media: All visual art media is accepted. 

  • Size Restrictions: TBD

  • Presentation: Works must be wired and ready to install when delivered to K Space Contemporary. Sides of unframed canvas must be painted black, neutral, or with continued image. Sculpture must be manageable by two people.

  • Label your work!!! Each work must arrive labeled with Artist's name, Email address, Phone Number, Title, Media, and Retail Price.

  • Price: K Space retains 40% commission on works sold. Include commission when pricing your work. All works must be for sale.

  • Delivery/Shipping: Artists are responsible for delivery of their artwork to and from the gallery, including any shipping costs incurred.

  • Curating: K Space Contemporary reviews all works of art for artistic quality and relevance to the exhibition theme. K Space Contemporary reserves the right to eliminate works of art for any reason.

FMI: Email or Call K Space at (361) 887-6834.

To register your participation, please complete the form below. Fill out one for each work of art that you are submitting.

Pequenos Alebrijes - Art Registration Form

Payment Preference (for Sold Works)
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