Ofrenda Display at the Ritz

Ofrendas honor, remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed, and items on altars help to lead their spirits home for Days of the Dead on November 1st and 2nd. 

We invite community members to create ofrends (altars) for this special Dia de los Muertos event. Anyone may participate. We invite businesses, families, individuals, youth, schools, and special interest groups to participate. Altars will be exhibited in the Ritz Theatre located at 715 N. Chaparral St.

Your ofrenda may honor any person or group of your choice such as family, military heroes, celebrities, writers, activists, community leaders, (City, government, education, religion), etc.

Set-Up: Participants MUST be available to set up their Ofrendas at the Ritz Theatre on October 22nd from 11 am to 3 pm.

Display Times: October 29th, 3 pm - 12 am and November 4th, 5:30 pm - 9 pm

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Ofrenda Guidelines:

Eligibility: Anyone can participate! Youth groups ages 5-18 (Classes/clubs/after-school) in Corpus Christi and cities within a 50- mile radius, artists, and community members. Each group, club, organization, or individual may enter up to ONE altar. 

Label: K Space Contemporary will provide an 8.5"x11" label for your ofrenda using the information provided on the registration form. 

Size: The altar may not exceed 10 feet in width or 5 feet in depth. 

Stand Alone: altars should be stand-alone structures. Participants must bring their own tables, temporary walls, and display structures (boxes, shelves, tablecloths, etc.). Some altars will back up against a wall, some will be placed in the lobby area, and some will be placed in the arches of the Ritz near the stage. Drilling, nailing, or tacking into the walls is prohibited. Command 3M damage-free hooks may be used on the walls to hang light-weight items, fabric, or twinkle lights. 

Lighting: The Ritz is equipped with low lighting. Flamables (wax/wick candles) are prohibited, however, you may use battery-operated candles or tea lights.

No Sales Please: We wish to maintain a sense of reverence and Memoriam for the deceased honored in the altar display. Therefore, sales from altars and inside the display are not allowed. If you wish to sell arts, crafts, or food items, you must apply for an outdoor booth through our Arts and Crafts Expo application. 

Security: Do not leave valuable items or original photographs on your ofrenda. Leave prints of photos rather than originals. Attendants will be stationed at the entrance and inside the theatre during open hours. You may station an attendant with your altar during the event if you so choose. At closing time, attendants will usher remaining visitors out, then close and lock the doors.